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Chloe’s Secret Club


Chloe loves fairytales…but it’s not so easy to try and be a princess or a fairy godmother in the real-life world of home and school. But that isn’t going to stop Chloe, and so she and friends Aisha and Eliza start a secret club.

The Wild Thing Series


Meet Wild Thing…the naughtiest little sister ever! In this funny, real life series for 8+, older sister Kate tells the story of Wild Thing, the most embarrassing little sister anybody could have.

In the first of the series Wild Thing starts school…and chaos follows.

Wild Thing Gets A Dog introduces a new pet to an already crazy household, and tells what happens when rock guitarist Dad goes on tour, leaving the girls and dog with Gran.

In Wild Thing Goes Camping floods and bear hunts make this a family camping trip to remember.

“hilarious and heartwarming” The Scotsman

“charming modern version of My Naughty Little Sister”Armadillo Mag

“the funniest book ever!” Giraffe In the Bathfull review




Sometimes a girl’s best friend is…a WOLF.

Lucie has always longed for a dog.
But not one this big.
Or with such sharp teeth.
Or with such a hungry look in its eyes.

Winner of the Fantastic Book Awards 2014

“A real cracker of a book, perfect for those newly confident to read on their own.”  Armadillo Magazinefull review

“a lovely book and recommended for both boys and girls”  The Bookbagfull review

“There is much to enjoy in this funny, clever and very satisfying story, and lots to think about and discuss too. While being completely of the present, it feels quite timeless. Illustrations throughout by Emma Chichester Clark add to the classic feel. Thoroughly recommended.” Books for Keeps – book of the week   – full review

I was asked to write a piece for Bookbag about my inspiration for the “everyday magic” in Wolfie – and I did that here.


Sam and the Griswalds


Miserable and cooped up at home with his over-protective mother, Sam finds life pretty dull and matters are not made any better by his snooty arch-enemies, Christabel and Brandon Bullock. But everything changes when the extraordinary Griswald family move in next door. With Spider’s talent for climbing, Jake’s kung-fu football finesse and Elfrida’s penchant for pets, Sam is about to become part of a cunning and dynamic force, ready to confront the dreaded Bullocks head on….

“perfect for 10s and over, a terrific comic adventure with many a hair-raising episode” Times Educational Supplement

“terrific entertainment” The Scottish Herald

“Emma Barnes creates a wonderful cast of characters in an eminently readable, fast-paced and funny story” Financial Times

– Winner of the Rotherham Children’s Book Award


Jessica Haggerthwaite: Witch Dispatcher

jessica haggerthwaite new edition front cover2

“A thoughtful and entertaining story about human gullibility and pigheadedness, the fact that magic and science each contain a little of the other, and the way two people can be right and wrong at the same time” The Guardian

Imagine if your mother was a witch! At least Jessica and her brother Midge have always been able to keep their mother’s peculiar hobby a secret, but all that changes when Mrs Haggerthwaite announces that she’s turning professional. “Mellandra Haggerthwaite, Professional Witch! Doesn’t that sound good?” But Jessica is determined to thwart her mother’s plans…

– Shortlisted for the Branford-Boase Award

– Broadcast on BBC Radio

– Audio-cassette version read by Stephanie Cole (Chivers Children’s Audio Cassettes)

– Translated into nine languages

– Now with a beautiful cover by Emma Chichester Clark.


How (not) To Make Bad Children Good


Watch out for Martha Jones! She’s a real stinker!

So bad is Martha, that Fred the Guardian Agent is sent from a special agency in Outer Space to sort her out.  The only trouble is, Fred’s not the best of agents, and Martha is more than a match for him…

A chapter book that makes a good nightly read-aloud for younger children, or a read-alone for older children, the book has  illustrations by the renowned Emma Chichester Clark.

there’s a new kid on the block as far as fictional naughty children go, and her name is Martha Bones…she’s a real pleasure to read about.”  Pippa Goodhart, author of “You Choose” – full review




 The Girl From Hard Times Hill


Set in the Austerity period after World War II, this tells the tale of Megan whose life in South Wales is turned upside down when her father comes home from serving with the Occupying Forces in Germany.

“There is plenty for contemporary young readers to identify with…This is a well written book and is an easy read…” –  Deborah Mason, School Librarian magazine


Jessica Haggerthwaite: Media Star



Continuing the adventures of Jessica. She still wants to be a Famous Scientist but decides to postpone the Nobel Prize in favour of becoming a TV star!

“readers who enjoyed the witty, fast-moving story of the sparky Jessica Haggerthwaite as Witch Dispatcher will be delighted with the sequel” Financial Times


The Thief of Bracken Farm


One for the younger set.  What’s going on at Bracken Farm?  Why do things keep disappearing?  It is up to Jess and Ted to turn detective and find out!


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