The Story So Far…

Emma was born and raised in Edinburgh. At one time she lived in a house that a lot of people thought was the childhood home of author Robert Louis Stevenson – they used to come from all over the world and take pictures of it – only it wasn’t.

As a child she was a bookworm, and especially liked historical fiction – maybe that was why she chose to study history at university. Afterwards she lived and worked in London, Cambridge, and Colorado (USA). She still likes to visit America (especially California in the winter months).

Her first writing success was as a student when she won a short story competition – the prize was a pair of shoes. Later she wore them for school visits. Jessica Haggerthwaite was her first published book and translated into several languages, as well as being adapted for radio.

She is now a full-time writer and lives with her husband, daughter and dog in Leeds, Yorkshire.

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I am happy to visit schools and libraries to talk to children about my books and to share my passion for writing and children's literature. Find out more