Quiz Three

How much do you know about science?
And are you logical and rational – can you think like a scientist?

Take this quiz to find out.

1) Can you identify the following Famous Scientists:

AE – showed that everything’s relative

IN – wrote down the laws of gravity, (they say) after watching an apple fall…

MC – the first woman to win a Nobel Prize – in fact she won two!

CD – 200 years old this year!

SH – studied Black Holes and wrote a book called A Short History of the Universe?

GG – went blind after looking at the sun through the telescope (which he invented)

2) What do these scientists study?

a) Zoologist
b) Marine Biologist
c) Palaeontologist
d) Geologist
e) Cryptographer
f) Geneticist
g) Botanist
h) Entomologist
i) Pathologist
j) Astronomer

(Possible answers: plants, bodies, diseases, genes, codes, rocks, sea-life, insects, fossils, space, animals)

3) What would a scientist use the following for:

Bunsen burner
a) Heating chemicals/solutions
b) Burning witches
c) Cooking dinner

Test tube
a) Mixing chemicals/solutions
b) Testing tyres on a car
c) Blowing bubbles

a) Looking at distant objects
b) Looking at objects that are close
c) Folding up objects to make them small

a) Magnifying very small objects
b) Making objects smaller
c) Breeding microbes

4) What are the following?

M V E M J S U N (P)

5) How many squares altogether in this big square?


6) Anagram puzzle: can you make two words from these letters:


7) Logic Puzzle/Paradox: This sentense has two mistakes. What are they?


1) Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Marie Curie, Charles Darwin, Stephen Hawking, Galileo Galilei

2) Zoologist – animals, Palaeontologist – fossils, Geologist – rocks, Cryptographer – codes, Genetisist – genes, Marine Biologist – sea life, Botanist – plants, Entomologist – insects, Pathologist – diseases, Astronomer – space

3) a)Heating chemicals/solutions a) Mixing chemicals/solutions a) Looking at distant objects a) Magnifying very small objects

4) The planets of the solar system – Pluto in brackets because it used to be a planet but isn’t any more!

5) 16

6) Grange & Anger

7) The first is sentence is spelt wrong. The second is that there is only one mistake!

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