Quiz One

Which are you? Boffin or magician in the making?

Take this quiz to find out!

1) Do you believe in fairies?

Yes – (2)
No- (0)

2) Do you think it is possible to see into the future?

Yes – (2)
No – (0)

3) If you heard a mysterious bump during a dark and stormy night, would you think:

It was a ghost – (4)
It might be a ghost, or it might be a burglar – (2)
It might be a burglar, but most likely just Dad tripping over on his way to the toilet – (0)

4) Do you know your star sign?

Yes – (1)
No – (0)

5) Do you ever look up your star sign in a magazine/newspaper?

Yes, often – (3)
Yes, occasionally – (1)
Never – (0)

6) Are you afraid of the dark?

Yes, very! – (2)
Yes, a bit – (1)
No – (0)

7) Do you believe any of the following are unlucky:

The number 13 – (2)
Black Cats – (2)
Fridays – (2)
Walking under ladders – (2)

8) Do you believe it is possible to explain everything about the world through reason, experiment and logical thinking?

Yes – (0)

Or do you think the world is a mysterious place and there are some things humans can never know?

Yes – (2)

9) Do you have:

A lucky piece of clothing (you wear to bring you luck)? – (2)
A lucky number? – (2)
A lucky toy or mascot or piece of jewellery? – (2)

10) Would you pay a fortune teller to look into your future?

No way, it’s all nonsense – (0)
A small amount, it’s just a bit of fun – (1)
Yes definitely, there must be something in it! – (2)

11) If you could buy a lottery ticket, would you

Choose a lucky number – (2)
Choose your birthday or something memorable – (1)
Choose a random number – (0)
You wouldn’t buy a lottery ticket – you’ve no real chance of winning – (0)

12) If you were going to do something important, like set out on a journey, take an exam, or arrange a party, then would you try to avoid Friday the 13th?

Yes – (2)
No – (0)

13) Do you believe in the Loch Ness Monster?

Absolutely not!  Under no circumstances! – (1)
Maybe, if somebody showed me compelling evidence – (0)
Definitely, there’s no smoke without fire – (3)

Now count your points and add them altogether.

Which are you likely to be: Scientist or Witch?

More than 20 points: You are the kind of person who thinks life is definitely a bit mysterious.  You wouldn’t discount the idea that there is more to this world than the eye can see. A strange shadow at night – well, it might be a tree moving, or it might be something more sinister!  Secretly – or not so secretly – you believe in magic!  After all people have believed in witches for years and years – centuries even: so why shouldn’t they exist?  Remember though, if you think this way it might be too easy for other people to take you in…

Between 7 and 20: Of course talk of magic is nonsense…or maybe not.  Really, you’re not quite sure.  People say “its nothing but superstition” but you are prepared to believe in some rather “magical “ ideas – things that most scientists would say don’t make sense.  Even if you don’t believe in witchcraft, you do believe in luck, and like a lot of people (even scientists) you are more than a little bit superstitious…

Less than 7: You are clear-thinking, cool and rational.  If something seems mysterious, you are sure there is an explanation to be found somewhere.  You like solving puzzles and seeking out solutions.  You are good at observing the world around you and coming up with ideas and theories to explain what you see.  Remember to keep your spark of imagination – all good scientists need to keep an open mind, and often scientific breakthroughs come from the wackiest ideas.

Whatever your score, it’s always worth thinking about what you know, and why you think you know it….

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